Slow, Gurgling Drains? What You Can Do To Fix Them


Do you have a few drains in your home that are gurgling with water? You may have noticed the water isn’t going down quickly at all. In fact, if it’s sitting in the sink without budging, there’s a possibility that you’re dealing with clogged drains. There are tons of different things that can lead to a clog, such as a buildup of hair. Luckily, there are some tricks you can follow.

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Use a Snake Tool to Remove Particles

There is a tool designed specifically for drains. The snake tool is thin and long with the capability to reach deep into any drain. You can place the tool directly down the drain and twist it around a bit with your hand. While you’re twisting, the snake is actually pulling at the debris that is clogging your drain. After a few twists, you can pull the snake up and throw out any debris, continuing the process a few times. Repeatedly using the snake may help you to clear the problem quickly.

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What Makes A Good Plumber?


More often than not we will encounter problems with our drainage system with the biggest culprit being the kitchen sink. A clogged or leaky sink is problematic and the only thought on your mind will be ‘I need a plumber’. This goes to show how important a plumber is in our lives. The sink might not be the only thing that necessitates plumbing service but also a faulty pipe. No matter how properly your house is built, as things grow old they tend to wear and tear. Finding a plumber is simple but finding a good one is the problem. So what should you look for in a good plumber?

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This would involve going for formal college training on plumbing. No matter how good they are at their work formal education is important.

There are many schools that offer plumbing related courses but not all have quality education. To become a good plumber you have to receive your training from an accredited institution.

Training is also important because there are some complex things that you cannot learn on the job.

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7 Things To Avoid When Choosing A Plumbing Company


With the current make of houses, things are bound to go wrong sooner or later. Either the faucet is leaking or there is no water. Perhaps there is some water-clogging or maybe the bath is somehow not getting any hot water in the dead of winter.

  • What to do?

Trying to fix your own plumbing disasters, unless you are a plumber with an experienced past, is a strict negative. Plumbing is a matter of skill and experience. Trying to manage such a situation on your own can just as easily turn out to be a flooding-your-house disaster and cost you a whole lot more money. So the best advice would be to call the plumber!

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  • Which Plumber Should I call?

Having a personal plumber may be a good idea. But it is very difficult to find a good plumber that you can trust. Trying to have a plumbing company might be a better bet. If you have a reputed plumbing company to turn to when things go wrong, they can be assured of quality service. As a reputed company will always try to protect its name, they will ensure that you get a good price for your money.

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Why you should NEVER try to fix your own apartment’s plumbing

Plumbers dilemma

When you notice a leak in one of your pipes or some other plumbing issue, it can be tempting to try and resolve the issue yourself. Don’t! Plumbers are trained professionals for a reason; plumbing is a skilled trade and amateur attempts can often end in disaster. If you’re still thinking about attempting a little DIY plumbing in your apartment, see the five reasons listed below why you should leave the job to a trained tradesman.

It’s dangerous! Whilst water is relatively safe, left to trickle through electrical wiring it can become lethal. Without undertaking the relevant investigations and precautions you could potentially electrocute yourself as well as endanger others. To learn more, visit: A botched repair job can leave water to collect where it shouldn’t causing patches of damp which can be a breeding ground for toxic moulds and bacteria. Pipes which haven’t been fixed correctly can burst at a later date, potentially causing structural damage and injury to apartment occupants and neighbours.

  • You can make it worse!
  • In the wrong hands, a little leak can rapidly become a big leak which can cause an enormous amount of flooding.
  • Breaking or bending a crucial part of the plumbing through ignorant rough handling could cause the entire system to fail rather than just one component.
  • Using the wrong sealants can result in pipe weakening and even toxic compounds leaching into your water supply.
  • You can be sued

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Guy


If you need a professional, hire a good End of lease cleaning Melbourne. If you attempt to undertake a plumbing job without the correct skills, equipment and insurance, then stand by for the lawyers! Particularly if you’ve caused more damage due to your inexpert attempts, it’s not just your landlord that can sue you; neighbouring leaseholders can take you to court if their properties have suffered water damage due to your actions. Even the people you call in to fix the job can sue you if your negligent actions have left a hazard for them to deal with. Additional expense to put things right As Red Adair is reputed to once have said “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur!” Potentially attempting (and failing) to fix your apartment’s plumbing can result in the following costs:

  • Paying a professional plumber to do the job, which may well be now considerably more serious than it was initially, due to your efforts
  • Paying to rectify water damage which is more serious than it would have been because you didn’t get professional help promptly.
  • Paying for damage to neighbours’ apartments because they’ve suffered water damage due to your plumbing issue.
  • Your plumbing problem can affect others

It’s not just you that has to live with damp, leaks or water damaged possessions if you don’t get your plumbing repaired properly. Anyone sharing your apartment, neighbours and your landlord all have to deal with the problems a poor repair has caused. Even the tradespeople you eventually call in to fix the problem have to deal with the fallout from your repair work. For all these reasons and many more, if you notice an issue with your apartment’s plumbing, get help. Calling your landlord or a plumber is always the best course of action. Attempting to fix the problem yourself often causes more expense and frustration than simply getting the right people involved promptly.